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  • Is A Meat Diet Good For Dogs?

    Meet Bluey, he was an Australian cattle dog, born June 7, 1910, who worked among sheep and cattle for 20 years, and survived until Nov. 14, 1939, when he was put down. He had lived for 29 years, five months and seven days. His secret to extraordinary longevity? Well, according to his owner Bluey lived on a diet of...wait for it....Kangaroos and Emus. He was the world’s oldest dog, a record that has never been beaten. If ...

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  • Is My Dog Underweight?

    As pet owners we're conscious to make sure our dogs are as happy and healthy as they can be, good citizens of the canine world, and do our best to repay them for the unconditional love and fun moments they bring to our lives. According to the Butcher's Pet Care Healthy Happy Hound report, over a third (37%) of dog owners don't know how much their dog should weigh. By this definition, if an owner doesn't ...

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  • Do Certain Breeds Require More Exercise Than Others?

    Exercise is similar to diet. Ultimately each dog is an individual and will have specific, individual needs independent of their breed and more relative to their age and individual character. It goes without saying that breeds such as a Saluki will require a different regime to that of a Bulldog, however, don't be too caught up with some of the breed myths about exercise requirements for some of the more misunderstood breeds such as Greyhounds and ...

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  • Is My Dog Overweight?

    Can Your Dog Pinch an Inch or Two? Ever met a dog with the innate ability to be self critical? A dog with an acute introspective view of him or herself? No? It's unlikely our dogs would ever wake up on a Monday morning and question whether they'd overindulged at the weekend and needed to cut the calories in order to get down to their ideal body weight. By and large, we are 100% responsible for what ...

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  • Help! My Dog Has Canine Osteoarthritis, Should I Change His Diet?

    If your dog has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, you may be confused and worried about the effect of his condition on his enjoyment of life. Fortunately there are several things you can do to slow the progression of the disease, and keep him happy and mobile. Lifestyle changes, anti-inflammatory/anti-pain medication and nutritional supplements are the cornerstones of treating osteoarthritis. Lifestyle Changes The great thing about making lifestyle changes for your dog is that they are within ...

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  • Gluten Free Dog Food UK

    Gluten free dog food UK options are more popular today than ever. Following international pet food recalls and a wider awareness of dog allergies related to nutrition (caused by gluten, corn and other stimulants), more and more UK dog owners are seeking gluten free diets for their canine companions. Feeding gluten free dog food to your canine friend would ...

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  • The Importance of Portion Control & Dog’s Food

    K9 Magazine addresses a really important issue - obese dogs = shorter lifespan.Ultimately, you'd be hard pressed to find any dog owner who didn't agree that giving their pet the longest, happiest, healthiest life is their single greatest aim. Well, poor portion control of food could be the single biggest contributor to causing a dog to gain weight and, as we all know, obesity is a silent killer.

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  • Feeding Older Dogs

    Feeding older dogs doesn't have to mean drastic changes. Obesity is possibly the most common health related problem to affect dogs as they get older. An overweight dog is an unhappy dog and subsequent health problems can drastically reduce a dog’s life and render his later years void of any real quality. The key is to be aware of nutritional requirement changes when feeding older dogs, adjust slowly and gradually and keep on top of ...

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  • Are Carbs Making Your Dog Fat?

    There is a significant difference between humans and dogs in their need for carbohydrates and in their ability to digest them. The digestive tract of a human is longer than that of a dog, and the formation of jaws and teeth is entirely different. A dog’s digestion starts in the stomach. Dogs’ teeth – all 42 of them – are built to tear flesh apart. Dogs gulp their food as fast as they can, which ...

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  • Small Breed Dog Food

    Small Breed Dog Food - Is A Specialist Diet For Small Breeds Worthwhile? Small dog breeds have specific, specialist nutritional requirements. In the case of a small breed puppy, their stomach is not large enough to hold sufficient food in one feeding to provide his daily nutritional needs without causing stress to their system, so smaller, broken down meals are advised. This is why some commercial dog food suppliers are now providing dog owners with the ...

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