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  • Dog-friendly Sweet Potato and White Fish Bake Recipe from the K9 Cafe

    A recent survey by pet insurer, Direct Line, discovered that one in five pet owners worry about whether they are feeding their dogs the right diet while just over two thirds were worried their pets were not getting the right nutrition. With many foods often associated with good health for humans such as raisins, grapes or onions being potentially lethal to dogs, Direct Line has opened the ‘K9 Cafe’ with TV chef and dog lover ...

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  • Is A Meat Diet Good For Dogs?

    Meet Bluey, he was an Australian cattle dog, born June 7, 1910, who worked among sheep and cattle for 20 years, and survived until Nov. 14, 1939, when he was put down. He had lived for 29 years, five months and seven days. His secret to extraordinary longevity? Well, according to his owner Bluey lived on a diet of...wait for it....Kangaroos and Emus. He was the world’s oldest dog, a record that has never been beaten. If ...

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  • Is My Dog Underweight?

    As pet owners we're conscious to make sure our dogs are as happy and healthy as they can be, good citizens of the canine world, and do our best to repay them for the unconditional love and fun moments they bring to our lives. According to the Butcher's Pet Care Healthy Happy Hound report, over a third (37%) of dog owners don't know how much their dog should weigh. By this definition, if an owner doesn't ...

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  • Do Certain Breeds Require More Exercise Than Others?

    Exercise is similar to diet. Ultimately each dog is an individual and will have specific, individual needs independent of their breed and more relative to their age and individual character. It goes without saying that breeds such as a Saluki will require a different regime to that of a Bulldog, however, don't be too caught up with some of the breed myths about exercise requirements for some of the more misunderstood breeds such as Greyhounds and ...

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  • Is My Dog Overweight?

    Can Your Dog Pinch an Inch or Two? Ever met a dog with the innate ability to be self critical? A dog with an acute introspective view of him or herself? No? It's unlikely our dogs would ever wake up on a Monday morning and question whether they'd overindulged at the weekend and needed to cut the calories in order to get down to their ideal body weight. By and large, we are 100% responsible for what ...

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