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  • Do Certain Breeds Require More Exercise Than Others?

    Exercise is similar to diet. Ultimately each dog is an individual and will have specific, individual needs independent of their breed and more relative to their age and individual character. It goes without saying that breeds such as a Saluki will require a different regime to that of a Bulldog, however, don't be too caught up with some of the breed myths about exercise requirements for some of the more misunderstood breeds such as Greyhounds and ...

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  • Proper Dog Nutrition Defined

    Here at Dog Nutrition, we often receive enquiries from people who are keen to understand what exactly 'proper dog nutrition' means. The dog is not a true carnivore in the same sense as, for example, a cat. This means a dog's diet can be more varied and still produce positive health. Whereas a cat MUST eat meat in order to be truly healthy and for proper nutrition to serve its goal. So what does proper nutrition ...

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