Do You Know How Many Festive Foods Are Dangerous To Dogs?

Its well known turkey can cause serious harm to dogs but did you know foods as varied as mince pies, Christmas cake which contain raisins or sultanas, onions and leeks, can also be poisonous for dogs?

According to research released by Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance,  staggering 92% of vets surveyed by the insurer have treated a cat or dog suffering from illness or injury caused by Christmas-related festivities.

Animal health firm, Forum Animal Health, have offered the following advise to anyone concerned their dogs have consumed any harmful foods:

Owners often don’t recognise what is poisonous and they don’t know what to do if there is a problem. Their instinctive response is to wait and see. However, animals need to be treated quickly before the food has passed through their stomach. A dog needs to be brought in within two hours of ingesting these swallowing dangers; if it takes longer they can suffer more, or in the worst cases the delay can prove fatal.

1. Stop the dog eating any more.
2. Phone your vet – check their location and that they can receive the emergency.
3. Collect and take with you the wrapper or packaging.
4. Take your dog to the vet as quickly as possible and be prepared to be at the vets for a while.

To read more about seasonal dangers to dogs, read K9 Magazine’s more in-depth feature here


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