What To Feed a Dog With An Upset Stomach (Follow This Plan)

Knowing what to feed a dog with an upset stomach can greatly reduce the time it takes to bring normal toilet function back. A dog with an upset stomach can lose weight quickly and dealing with a prolonged upset stomach is something that requires swift veterinary intervention.

what to feed a dog with an upset stomach

As in all cases, if your dog has shown a sudden onset of tummy troubles you will need to make sure there is nothing serious going on with underlying health issues. If a dog shows signs of an upset stomach which include tenderness to the touch or a ‘drum’ like effect you must call your vet straight away.

Bloat / canine gastric torsion kills dogs and it kills them quickly. Do not take a single chance. There are too many dog owners out there who wished they’d go their time again to address sudden onset of bloat, because it’s fatal if not treated quickly.

If you believe your dog is going through a mild period of soft stools, diarrhoea or just needs a light adjustment to their diet in the short term, here’s some useful tips.

Smaller meals can help settle a dog’s upset stomach

Consider reducing the strain on your dog’s upset stomach by reducing their daily food intake to smaller meals. This alone can make a really big difference to their comfort levels. Sometimes it’s not all about what to feed a dog with an upset stomach, but how much and when.

Which foods work best to settle a dog’s upset stomach?

Most vets will recommend a short term diet of light foods such as chicken and rice if your dog has an upset stomach that is not caused by an underlying problem such as infection or even poisoning.

Like us, dogs can suffer with tummy trouble from time to time and in an effort to make the symptoms less severe we can adjust the foods we provide to give our dogs the quickest chance to return to normal.

Which foods can make an upset stomach worse?

Fibres. Foods that are high in fibre can exacerbate a dog’s upset stomach. That includes many vegetables, grains and cereals. Any food that has a known laxative effect should be removed from the dog’s diet while their upset stomach is being treated.

High fibre foods include:

  • Wholegrain breakfast cereals, wholewheat pasta, wholegrain bread and oats, barley and rye.
  • Fruit such as berries, pears, melon and oranges.
  • Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn.
  • Peas, beans and pulses.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Potatoes with skin.

Red meat can sometimes be hard for a dog to process if they’re going through a short term bout of upset stomach, but generally speaking meats such as chicken, fish and rice are what vets suggest to help bring symptoms under control.

Can supplements help to settle a dog’s upset stomach?

Probiotics for dogs are one of the methods some dog owners use to help settle a dog’s upset stomach.

Like humans, some dogs respond positively to probiotics and they can have a short or long term calming effect for dog’s with digestive troubles.

Again though, supplement use will not fix a health problem that has been undiagnosed. Always speak to your vet if your dog has an upset stomach for more than 24 hours.

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What the experts say about treating a dog’s upset stomach

  • Based on the recommendations from Pet MD, the best thing to give a dog for an upset stomach , caused by acid reflux, is bland food. Most vets and other canine nutritionists recommend a bland diet of something similar to boiled chicken and rice.
  • In a healthy dog, it’s (an upset stomach) a protective mechanism of the body that’s totally normal.” Stress (like separation anxiety) may also trigger an upset stomach, as can bacteria imbalances in the gut and food sensitivities, which are most likely caused by your dog’s diet, she said.
  • If you are wondering what solid foods to feed your dog with an upset stomach, vets suggest bland foods like chicken and rice are a good place to start.
  • Unhealthy food, parasites, and rubbish stuff could be the most common cause of an upset stomach for dogs.
  • Pumpkin is another good food option to calm an upset stomach and treat diarrhoea , as recommended by the American Kennel Club.
  • Just to be safe, it’s better giving the diet in small amounts throughout the day and observe the dog hoping it’s kept down, however, if the vomiting continues at night or other times of the day or other symptoms appear, it’s an indication that the vet must be sought since as the article explains, not all dogs are good candidates for a bland diet.
  • Consider a probiotic supplement in your dog’ss food for an upset stomach.
  • If a dog is vomiting or has diarrhoea, you need to make sure he stays hydrated, however, giving him too much water may make his stomach even more upset. Vomiting is a cause for concern, so get your involved early.
  • Many lawns are treated with fertilizers and other chemicals, making the practice far from being therapeutic! It’d be worth investigating if there is anything in your dog’s environment causing their stomach upset.
  • If your dog tends to get an upset stomach when on his normal food, consider asking your vet to switch foods and between you both, monitor if this has any material effect on their stomach.
  • Rachel Barrack, a veterinarian in New York City, recommends offering banana to dogs with stomach upset or diarrhoea.
  • Boiled chicken and rice is bland so some dogs will turn it down. If that’s the case with your dog, introduce very small amounts of their normal food to the bland food.
  • When dogs are suffering from an upset stomach or diarrhoea, they need more of your care and attention. Don’t let these symptoms persist without veterinary attention for more than a day.
  • If that aforementioned bland diet doesn’t work, stop the chicken and talk with your vet about an alternative feeding plan. Some dogs do better with different meats.

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