Why Does my Dog Eat Poop?

When a dog eats poop, it is generally an indication that a certain mineral is lacking in the dog’s diet. This can be the case regardless of what the dog is fed or how good you consider his nutrition to be. The same is true of dogs who eat cement or occasionally, dirt. The chlorophyll inside the dog’s body is converted into more complex substances and stored.

Why dogs eat poop

Some dogs, however, eat their own stools out of boredom and not from a mineral deficiency.

Some old fashioned advice suggests feeding a dog on rabbit pellets as a cure to the poop eating dog, but these are not a magical solution.
The only reason such an approach would yield success is because the dog’s owner may have just happened to find something that contains a substance that the dog needs – the rabbit pellets.
Ultimately, if you want to cure your dog of eating poop the two things you need to do are
1. Ensure your dog’s diet contains all of the nutrients required
2. Take a behavioural correction approach to alert the dog to the fact that eating their own (or any other) mess is not desired.

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